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To make a meaningful impact on our clients and their families by providing them with a functional communication system and safe swallowing strategies thereby improving their quality of life.


To create and advance a patient-centered culture of care through the valuable speech and language pathology diagnostic and treatment services we provide to individuals with communication and swallowing deficits within San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding communities.


  • People first- We prioritize the needs of our patients and their families. We believe that each client should be treated like our own families.   

  • Integrity- We do our best for our patients inside and outside of our therapy sessions.

  • Reliability- We are fully present for each patient when we show up to work.

  • High standards- We adhere to evidence-based practice in our diagnostic and treatments, incorporate standardized assessments.

Meet the Founder

My career as a speech and language pathologist unofficially began when I was five years old. According to my mother, I was her only child who detected and identified her own speech impediment. Unfortunately, I could not offer my mother the necessary intervention she needed to remedy her interdental lisp when I was five years old; however, I have been providing speech therapy services since 2013, and I am always ready and willing to offer resources and strategies for improving the communication and swallowing abilities of others.   

My favorite aspect of my profession is treating patients with swallowing disorders. I love learning about new food and eating a variety of foods. I believe that consuming a meal has more benefits than obtaining adequate nutrition and hydration. I view eating as a social experience that unites people for the common purpose of social interaction and satiation. I am heartbroken when I see patients with a past medical history of a stroke or brain injury who develop difficulty swallowing and lose the ability to enjoy their favorite meal. I am fortunate to be in a profession where I have the knowledge and skills to work with clients to improve their swallowing function and meet their nutritional requirements.

Besides treating swallowing disorders, I absolutely love working with children with speech and language deficits. As a mother of four children under eight years old, I know the demands of parenting and the concerns regarding whether a child is meeting developmental milestones. My own children have benefitted from speech therapy due to feeding and articulation disorders. I empathize with parents who struggle to understand their child’s speech, and with children who demonstrate challenging behaviors and frustrations due to not being understood when they express themselves. I equally love working with adults and children, and I know that the services I provide as a speech therapist are indispensable to the lives of the clients and families I serve.

I obtained my bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. I earned my Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology also at USF. I have been a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association since 2014.  

This company is woman-owned, minority-owned, and certified as a HUB to do offer services to federal, state and local agencies.

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Our office is located in San Antonio, Texas. However, we are licensed to serve clients living in Texas and Florida. Call 210-876-5282 or email us at lifespanpllc@gmail.com to schedule your free initial consultation.


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